Tough Livin’

Living in France for a year is tough!  With all of your  friends 7  hours away  from you , you don’t  have anyone to talk or to play with except your family, since everybody is speaking in rapid  french so you can’t tell what they’re saying.  Well I might as well think on the bright side,we have had perfect sunny weather since we got here, we can walk right to the train station, we have season passes to the Louvre, you always have warm yummy croissants, crepes, and ,well Disneyland.

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5 thoughts on “Tough Livin’

  1. The Mcguffeys

    oooh la la… am craving a croissant! We had fun catching up on your blog this morning and laughing at your adventures so far!!

    Special note from Lili to EE: hope you’re having fun! missing you! When do you start school? Whos your teacher? Send me a postcard. Love, Lili

  2. Kelley

    Julian isn’t the only one lonely for friends. I think of my family and friends often and envy the kids who will start school in a few weeks and build those friendships that kids so quickly build.

  3. Megan

    Hi guys! So cool you went to Disney- what a great way to christen your new country! Is the castle just as big as the one in Fl?
    Glad to hear you’re enjoying nice summer weather. It’s been nice here, too.
    Paige says ‘hey’ to Elizabeth 🙂

  4. Karen Hoffmeier

    Julian, thanks for keeping us updated. I’ll bet you will be glad to get in the routine of school and finding some new friends. Have you found any favorite foods besides the croissants?

  5. Christian Conte

    I can understand how you can miss your friends.
    Cool photo of the Disneyland Castle!
    Much different from the one in Orlando,
    Let’s FaceTime soon!
    I want to see your house!

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