The market is my happy place…

This is my favorite thing so far: a walk to the market, the purchase of fresh foods, a walk home, and lingering at my outdoor table with strawberries, breads, cheeses, butter and jam.  My day is complete.  BTW…I did work out earlier which makes me enjoy the butter and bread just that much more.


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5 thoughts on “The market is my happy place…

  1. Karen Hoffmeier

    Wow, that looks so yummy! Is this the market that is about a 20 min. walk from your house?

  2. Colleen Hartman

    I have many memories of France, but one of the prettiest sights was the outdoor market place in Nice.
    The fruits, vegtabels and flowers were so beautifully displayed.

  3. Tom and Martha

    Those shrimp look great!!! Not to mention all the other good stuff.

  4. Megan

    Lovely market- those shrimp look amazing!

  5. It wouldn’t be practical, feasible or reasonable to have you guys ship us a baguette every week would it?

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