Just General

It’s Elizabeth (finally)!

Okay, so I don’t have the perfect view from the window in my room but it is always fun watching our french neighbors play ping-pong!

A few days ago Julian, Sarah and I made a communication system using only a plastic box and a long rope. And since Julian’s room is right next to Sarah’s and his window is right above mine this communication system is awesome! And is a fantastic way to talk to each other about the next day ahead of you and just…well, having fun!

Like Mom said I can’t wait for school! My cousin starts school on his birthday (August 17)! Lucky! But I am happy that we can have some time to explore and find out different routes! I guess some dreams don’t always com true.

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6 thoughts on “Just General

  1. Karen Hoffmeier

    Elizabeth, I loved your blog. Thanks for telling me about the communication system. It won’t be long and school will be starting. I’ll be so excited to hear all about your new school, your friends, your teachers and what you do over that l-o-n-g lunch break! I miss you…..Grandma!

  2. Colleen Hartman

    Thanks Elizabeth! You kids are so creative! Keep us posted on all the fun things that you get to do.

  3. Your house sounds like fun! For some reason I didn’t think you all got your own rooms… I love picturing you guys all talking to eachother through rope–crafty weasels 😉 What’s the French word for ‘ping-pong’??

  4. Christian Conte

    We will have to face time so you can show me your communication system!
    What day do you want to face time?


  5. Anja

    Hey elizabeth i miss you so much but it sounds like you are having a lot of fun school is a bout to start and the extra spots for snell weber are taken maya seaz, daniel zens, and shayla london,are the other people in our class. have you made any new friends? if so who? Have a great time in paris!

    • fizzy10

      I met a new friend named Nona she is from Arizona!!!

      Sent from my iPhone

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