A Day at Monet’s

Claude Monet’s garden is one of the most pretty things I have ever seen! All the little trails are so wonderful I could live there (or at least have my  own HUGE garden)! When we first stepped into the garden we heard a very weird noise. As Julian, Sarah and I ran down the path we saw some white, feathery, long-necked things! Chickens! Walking along the path some more I asked Julian which path he would take! He pointed to the first path and I pointed to the second one! We did this for a while until Mom said we where going to the lily pond where Monet painted “Nympheas Serie”! That was also very beautiful! The water looked very light with the sun shining on it! Monet had a lot of  bamboo around this part of the garden and one time while Sarah and I were looking at all of it I thought I saw a panda climbing on a piece! This experience has been a wonderful one!  ~Elizabeth

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3 thoughts on “A Day at Monet’s

  1. Karen Hoffmeier

    Elizabeth what a wonderful description. I almost felt like I was walking with you. My friend said you should go there every season as it always changes. That must have been a wonderful day and it appears that the weather was great.


  2. Colleen Hartman

    Thank you Elizabeth. That was a wonderful report of what must be a wonderful place to see! I would love to see it but I think my one trip to Paris is probably the only one I’ll make there. There are just too many things to see in all parts of the world! You are lucky to have parents that have made this experience for you. Hugs!

  3. Karen Hoffmeier

    Wow!! You must have had a great day. What a pretty scene with you kids in it. Also liked the
    individual pictures of the flowers. Every day we look forward to either a new picture or a nice blog from one of you. Keep it up, we love hearing from all of you.

    Grandpa H.

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