New digs, new running route

After walking the twins to school today (Sarah started an hour later), I went for a run: down Rue Desaix, cutting across the Champs De Mars, to Les Invalides (photo 1), across my favorite bridge, Pont Alexander III (photo 2, featured in the black and white painting at Friendship Lane), to Champs Elysses, up to the Arc De Triumph (photo 3), to Trocodero (photo 4), and home. 7k all told.

The last photo does not give the view justice. It had rained a little this morning, so it was simply beautiful.

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5 thoughts on “New digs, new running route

  1. Christian Conte

    How was the run?
    Beatuiful pictures!!
    Hope you guys like the new house.
    Closer to the school.

    Christian Conte

  2. Karen Hoffmeier

    Looks like a great way to start the day. I’m off to the “Y”…….scenery not exactly like yours!

  3. Midori

    Sounds breathtaking! I did a long run yesterday and let’s see, I saw …., okay never mind. It would never even compare. I really just recall a lot of black top! I hope those mental pictures stick with you so when you hit the black top in Middleton, your run will be much more enjoyable. Tomorrow, I am going to use your pictures as mental visuals to help make my run more pleasant. Thank you so much for sharing! If only…

  4. Colleen Hartman

    What a beautiful route to run, and I’m so thankful that we have seen all of those places and have them stashed in our memories. Would almost inspire me to run… excuse is that with titamium knees, I am never supposed to run! :>) Just now getting back to the treadmill and building some stamina that way. At 5 months I was wondering if the knee would ever feel natural but it does now. It’s just not as strong and I would like it to be. Anxiously awaiting blogs from the kids about school and hearing more about your new digs.Hugs!

  5. Patti and Brian

    From Tom’s title, it sounds like you moved. I imagined you getting on the train with your 20 bags, getting off at another stop and walking to your new flat. Looking forward to hearing all about the new place.

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