The Incredi-Engles

Do you remember that scene in The Incredibles, when Mrs. Incredible, Dash and Violet had just landed in the water after being blasted off of the plane and Mrs. Incredible had formed her body into a boat, Dash became the motor, and Violet was just sitting in the boat? Well this week-end we moved to a new house that is closer to the school and let me tell you moving those bags were as hard as heck!! Back to The Incredibles, after carrying those bags I half expected Mom to say “I’m so proud of you, Dash!” There was no point during that day were I was thinking “Man! This was a positive experience!” The bags were super heavy and thank goodness that they had wheels or I don’t know what I would have done. Even if they did have wheels they were hard to transport because they kept sagging and dragging against the cement and most of our bags [now] have small holes in the bottom.  There was one moment when we had gotten to the train station and Dad said, “This train station is closed; we have to walk the the next one.” which was like another hours walk!! But luckily we found another train that would take us to where we were going. The whole day made our family dog-tired and by the end of the day we all just wanted to  go to bed. The day was tiring and hard but now that I look back, I’m glad we have done it.


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7 thoughts on “The Incredi-Engles

  1. Kelley

    Mom’s note: Sarah was the one that was able to find us a new route when we thought had to go to another station. Kudos to her! And she is correct when comparing our trek to that scene in The Incredibles. Sarah, Julian and I had a long stretch of road to cover and we developed a system of, “Julian! You move ahead with this bag and stay put. Then I’ll pull this next bag past you and you wait for Sarah. Sarah, you move up to where Julian is and then, Julian, you run to catch up with me and I’ll go back for the other bag. Okay? Break!” We also had the kind help of others at different points in the day: two different couples that helped two different groups of us pull bags up a long ramp, a young gentleman that directed us to the larger entrance to the Metro so we didn’t have to smoosh our bags through the regularly-sized entry, and finally our new landlords, Frederique & Pierre, who volunteered to drive Tom back to the house twice to get as much stuff in his car as possible. Plus all the good people of Paris that didn’t point and laugh as we dragged bags down stairs, had roller bags flip on their sides in the middle of the street (you know it’s happened to you, hasn’t it?!?!), and watched us literally throw bags off of one train in order to get out in time at a very fast stop.

    But we are here and happy.

    • Linda

      Yes, you are in Paris, and you do sound happy in your new space.:> There are many reminders of our blessings as I go though my day in America. Flags line Allen Boulevard reminding us of those who gave their lives for others on 9-11. Fire trucks pulled onto the apron of every fire station. Loved ones reading the names of their sons, daughters, fire fighters, brothers, sisters or husbands who died on 9-11. It is a beautiful day in Middleton. I am counting my blessing for breathing the fall air, and watching my kids run off to catch the bus, and crazy friends who meet me at 5:30 AM to do boot camp. Thank you, Kelley & Sarah for yet another fun blog.

  2. Colleen Hartman

    It looks INCREDIBLY clean and cozy. I can’t even begin to imagine how you moved though. What an undertaking. You do need another chair at the table though. :>) You Engles are amazing!

  3. Karen Hoffmeier

    Sarah, thanks for the very discriptive post. I got tired just reading about moving all those suitcases. I’m glad you are all getting settled in to your new “digs”. I’ll be waiting for the next post from one of you kids to tell us all about school I always look forward to the post and loved this one because of the great slide show!

  4. Christian Conte (Your amazing cousin!)

    Very nice pictures! Sound like you guys were really tired. Hope you enjoy your new house!! It looks very nice and I’m glad that it’s closer to school for you guys insted of walking miles each day. LOVE THE TITLE!!!!! Hope your enjoying your school!!

  5. Patti and Brian

    Sarah, thanks for posting. The new place looks like bright and airy.

  6. Corinne

    Love the new apartment… thanks for sharing the pictures!

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