The Daily Grind

Today is the first day where I felt like it was what we will call “the new normal”.  Tom and I were up early, he to make his French press coffee and start breakfast, me to work out (yes, I have a little “kit” my friend, Steve, sent me off with so I can continue my regular M-W-F workouts while in Paris).  Elizabeth and Julian were up an hour later to eat and get ready for school (Sarah starts 45 minutes later every other Wednesday).  Tom walked them to school while Chili and I walked partway with them and then returned home to shower and help Sarah get ready.  Tom left for a run straight from the school and returned while I was gone.  I stopped at the market on the way home from walking Sarah and picked up quatre filet de poulet (four chicken breasts), buerre avec fleur de sel (butter with salt), and one kilo of tomate (do I need to define this one?).  We both spent time taking care of things on the computer and in the apartment…folding laundry, doing dishes, prepping dinner).  Wednesdays are a half-day at school so Elizabeth and Julian are done at 12:30 and Sarah at 12:45pm.  She had plans to go out for lunch with three friends and then shopping.  Elizabeth had soccer practice from 3:30 – 5:30pm, Tom left for a dinner meeting, Sarah returned from her afternoon out, homework and music lessons were completed, dinner was prepared (very crispy vegetables as Mom continues to play with the French directions of the convection oven).  Now Chili and four children are sleeping, Tom is still out, and I should be heading to bed as well.

So for all intents and purposes, my day is really just like many of your days.  Except I’M IN PARIS!

To illustrate the difference, I’ve included a photo of the bridge we cross multiple times each day.  It’s right outside our apartment and we cross it for school, soccer and most of our other activities.  But the interesting point is that we haven’t gone one day without seeing at least one bride being photographed on this bridge.  My photo is a bride from about 10:30 this morning.  There was another one after soccer tonight at 5:30, along with a model and her entourage.  I have seen up to five brides in one day.  And many models with their photographers, make-up and hair people and, sometimes, a rack of clothes.  Elizabeth analyzes each dress (she loves them all, of course) and has vowed to return to this bridge in her own wedding dress some day.

The rest of the week includes pretty normal stuff:  Tomorrow Tom and I are going out for dinner with his CEO and another work colleague that are in town (a typical late dinner after 8pm), Friday is school picture day, Julian has a play date with Harry after school over by Notre Dame, and Saturday is soccer and hopefully a visit to a lovely park as this weekend is Fete de Jardins (Garden Party) where all the public and private gardens of Paris are open to the public with tours and activities.

Fun stuff scheduled for Sunday, but that will have to wait for another post…

Wednesday Morning Bride

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7 thoughts on “The Daily Grind

  1. Karen Hoffmeier

    Well, I hope Elizabeth makes it back to Paris for her wedding. Now, let me see how old will I be??? Your routine day sounds interesting to me. How was Sarah’s lunch and shopping event? When kids go out for lunch in Paris where do they eat….fast food???

  2. Karen Hoffmeier

    I see where Chili and four children are sleeping…….do you have another child??? Did I miss something?

  3. Colleen Hartman

    I was wondering about the fourth child as well!? Is this bridge over the Seine? I just have trouble wrapping my brain around this whole experience. Yes, I too would like to know what Sarah bought on the shopping trip and what they had for lunch. What do they have for lunch at school? There still seems to be much flap about the school lunches in Iowa. Athletes are taking their own. I asked Megan if I could have her tomato on a salad when we were there. She said they were offered at lunch but no one was taking them. Hopefully they will eventually learn to like new things. I did not learn to like the bacon that was served to us in Europe. It was next to raw. Your Mom sent your note about the b’day party. Sounded very grand! Keep posting . We love to hear about your adventures. My friends are aghast at kids doing school work in fountain pen! I got your lovely note. thank you. Hugs

  4. Kelley

    I’m not sure how that “four” slipped in there. We do not have a secret fourth child!

    As for the questions about Sarah’s afternoon: She and her friends went to a Mexican restaurant and had fajitas. Go figure! One friend bought a shirt and they all chipped in to buy a birthday gift for another classmate. Otherwise, she came home empty-handed but had some ideas to add to her Christmas list.

    They have lots of choices at school for lunch, at least at the middle school level. Sarah is on a point-system plan so has points deducted based on her choices. I think her favorite has been panini sandwiches. The elementary school is an all-or-nothing system meaning you decide, for the trimester, whether you will bring your lunch or eat the school lunch. The full lunch plan is fairly expensive so Elizabeth and Julian are bringing their lunch this trimester. But they did let them all have school lunch the first few days and both did like what was offered. They both said it’s like a restaurant: “real” dishes and silverware with carafes of water and baskets of bread on the tables.

    • Colleen Hartman

      I did smile about the fajitas. I do enjoy good Mexican food! I also smiled about the twin’s description of the cafeteria being like a restaurant. It is a beautiful fall day here. Just 2 weeks and we will be in FL with your folks and thank you for all you have done to make our Disney experience a success. Hugs!

  5. Megan

    Gorgeous bridge- what a special scene to have nearby. Love the idea of Elizabeth being a French bride!

  6. Patti and Brian

    I was also curious about Sarah’s lunch and shopping adventure. Was this without adults? Other than Tom’s dinner meeting you did not mention either you or Tom working during the day. Do you begin about mid afternoon and work into the evening? Hugs to all.

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