Being a Chef

On Sunday I went to a cooking class and I hope you enjoy reading about it! First I met Karen, the person who runs the program. She introduced us to all of the other kids that were there, the head chef and all of the assistants. The head chef  showed us how to cut up all the veggies into the really small pieces we needed to make our dinner like  zuchinni, garlic, red and green peppers,eggplant and parsley. I was just about to cut up my eggplant when Karen told me to peel some apples and potatoes.  I went into the main kitchen and peeled two apples and was just about to finish my second potato when the potato slipped out of my right hand.  So I switched the peeler to my right hand, caught the potato with the left and kept on peeling.  When I went back to cut the veggies we had to go on a tour.  I got to serve and make wine and an espresso.  To make the espresso you had to grind the beans, tamp the coffee, and add it to the espresso machine.  You also had to serve it with a chocolate and sugar. When we were going to tour the basement our dinner was ready.  We had ratatouille, mashed potatoes, chicken and a dessert of cooked apple with cinnamon. YUM YUM YUM!!   ~Julian

Julian and I went to a restaurant the other day and learned how to be a chef in a kitchen and a waiter taking orders.  I had always wanted to make food for a real restaurant but I had no idea how!  Julian, Sarah and I have been playing restaurant since I don’t know how long but I never thought that one day I would really be serving people!
The first part of the experience was meeting all of the other kids.  I had all girls in my group (there were only two boys) Sophie, Greta and Freya.  They were all super nice and we became friends at once! The second part of the experience was making pesto which is my favorite topping on noodles (pasta were I am). I cut up the garlic which was my favorite part.  I used a small knife and a HUGE knife.
                                                                                                   POP QUIZ
         Do you know how chefs cut so tiny really fast? (answers at bottom of blog)
After we had made some of the pesto we went on a tour.  The owner showed us around the whole restaurant! We went to the warm and good smelling kitchen, the cold downstairs and the pretty dining room! ***There is a bar in the dining room and the owner showed us the bottles of wine! There were so many kinds of wines that I thought I might explode!!!
After the tour we got to go into the kitchen and peel apples and potatoes.  When I finished Karen (the women who put all of this together) showed me how to shake the pan with veggies in it so hard that the food would light on fire (That is supposed to happen)!  After the kitchen we were so hot that we really needed a drink of water (I think that everyone who went into the kitchen had to get a drink of water after they were in there)! Next we went into the dining room and worked on the pesto some more.  Then Karen called us down to have some of the food that we made! When we sat down the real waiters brought down the yummy food!  Mashed potatoes, chicken and ratatouille was piled onto our plates and we ate it all with delight!  Next Karen announced that it was time for dessert: baked apples with cinnamon on top! It was so amazing that I hoped that we would do it again!  ~Elizabeth
Answer to pop quiz:  Chefs cut tiny pieces using a big knife putting one hand on the front of the knife and one hand at the handle.  Holding down the front hand, they move the other hand across the food, pushing down really fast.

(Editor’s Note:  This program comes from Sprouts Cooking Club based in San Francisco.  The founder, Karen, was on hand in Paris to assist on Sunday evening as she is at all events.  She has worked closely with Jamie Oliver and Alice Waters from famed Chez Panisse in SF to help support her non-for-profit program of inviting kids into the kitchens of great restaurants.  They learn to plan the food, prep the ingredients, prepare the tables, plate the food and serve the people.  Karen believes that kids who are involved in every aspect of what they eat will become people that make healthy choices for themselves and the environment.  Highly recommended!)

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8 thoughts on “Being a Chef

  1. Colleen Hartman

    Thank you, Elizabeth and Julian. When the next Kelley Christmas is at our house (2013) I am putting the two of you in charge! Pesto with noodles would be just fine!! As Dr. Seuss says, ” Oh the Places You’ll Go!” What a fun experience. Keep posting. Hugs from your great aunt!

  2. Karen Hoffmeier

    I haven’t even taken time for breakfast and now after reading this I am starved!! Both of you do an excellent job of describing each step. I could almost visualize what you were doing. The menu sounded delicious…..bring on the pesto! You are so very fortunate to have all of these wonderful life lessons. I’m proud of all of you.

    Love, Grandma

  3. Karen Hoffmeier

    Good morning. Just read your blog about working in the restaurant with Karen. Sounds like you both had a great experience and enjoyed the food. Can’t wait until we get over there in a few months and you can share some of the experiences with us. Thanks for all your blogs. It makes us feel like you are right next door.

    Love, Grandpa H.

  4. Linda

    Julia & Elizabeth,

    You both write so well. I enjoyed reading aboaut your cooking class. It makes me want to sign up for one. What are your favorite parts of school? Is there anything that you like better about the american schools versus your new school? It is okay to say “no.” Thanks for writing this blog. I love learning about french culture through the eyes of the Engles.

  5. Megan

    Sounds like a fantastic way to learn some kitchen skills! Miles would be all over that!

    • kingjules

      Thanks for the email. Im sure he would like it. I’ll make the apple dessert for you when you come back[?][?] see u later Julian[?]

  6. Owen

    wow!!! sounds so cool I wish I was there. Have fun in Rome. (can you make me some pie to) I would love to meet Karen and some of your other friends. London looked soooooo cool maybe we could face time soon

    • kingjules

      Sounds good for me. I can’t believe my birthday is tomorrow. See you in a lot of days. [?][?][?][?][?][?] [?][?] Julian.T.Engle[?][?][?][?][?]

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