Something special about the ordinary.

It’s Saturday, or Samedi, here.  The last two Saturdays we have taken off right after the soccer games and explored the city.  So fun…and so exhausting.  We try to walk almost everywhere we go 1) because it has been beautiful out, 2) because we’re in a city and we can, and 3) because we get to experience more…the journey, not just the destination, if you will.  And while we have found some great corners of Paris on these walks, the clock moves from afternoon to evening very quickly and before you know it, dinner is later than expected and bedtime, too.

So, what we all wanted today was a real Saturday.  A sleep-in, munch on a croissant & sip on coffee, potential for a nap Saturday.

We did have two things on our agenda:

  • Breakfast with a long-time friend
  • Soccer games both being played at the same time, same place (yeah!)

Tom and I had a late night out on Friday at a gathering for the parents of 8th and 9th graders (very nice and very delicious) so even I was ready to sleep a bit later than usual.

Before mid-morning, we were strolling out of a bakery with fresh croissants and beignets on our way to Djuan’s apartment.  Djuan is a Disney friend from the early 90’s who we have stayed in touch with and is currently here at Disneyland Paris.  I’ve told many people he is the best leader I have ever had and I won’t waiver from that statement here.  Such a fun guy to be around and a great story-teller.  He was waiting with coffee, juice and tea and he and I laughed about being non-coffee drinkers in the city of cafe cremes.  But it was great fun to catch up and introduce the kids to such a wonderful man.  A fantastic start to our Saturday.

No, we did not have a morning wine, but it helped to complete the picture! Love his view, right?

Paris Fashion week started on Tuesday so we had to snap a photo near the Dior tent at Les Invalides as they were striking it.

I thought we were doing some sort of model pose so I have no idea why Sarah is saluting!

Craving even more buttery goodness, we decided to hit another boulangerie on the way home from for more croissants and a baguette for dinner.

Elizabeth and Julian both had soccer at 12:45 at their home field about a five minute walk from home.  Both matches were amical (friendly matches) so low-key and quite fun.  Both played great and we were able to chat with new friends while we watched.

We returned home for a light lunch.  Tom needed to get some work done, so the rest of us, including Chili, decided to take our books, homework, snacks and leash to a park under the trees of the Trocadero, just a few minutes away.  It was two hours of time in the sunshine, on the grass (a happy dog!), with nothing to do and no schedule to keep.

Two hours later we made our way back home to a homemade meal (complete with baguette aux cereales), time to linger and chat at the table and time to read at the end of the day.

And so here I am with you, finishing an empty, but very full day.  Bonne nuit.

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7 thoughts on “Something special about the ordinary.

  1. Colleen Hartman

    Your blog just came in as I sat down about 5:30 and you are probably all in bed after such a wonderful Saturday. Loved the slide show and I never get tired of seeing the Eiffel Tower sharing a picture with some of my favorite people.! My Saturday was not so exciting…cooking hot dogs as the Hawks beat Minnesota handily. It was very warm today and the trees are absolutely gorgeous. Doc asked me how I was when I got home and I said,”Hot, tired and hungry.” That completed 4 Sat. in a row at Kinnick Stadium. Next Sat we will be in FL with your folks . Really looking forward to the change of activity!! What a vicarious way to enjoy Paris! Hugs.

  2. Linda

    Love the photos. Your photos always make me feel as if I’m standing there with all of you. Thanks for narrating each scene. The happiness from your adventure shows in your photographs. Bon nuit

  3. Jessica Bates

    Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much I’m still enjoying your blog. I find myself talking about you guys a lot….almost as if it’s my story to tell 🙂

    What a perfect Saturday! Keep the posts coming.

  4. khoffmeier

    Love the photos, the blog and just every minuet of reading about your days. Glad we got to chat for a while today.

    • khoffmeier

      I meant to write minute. I’m working from my phone! Need to reread before I send.

  5. Mary Grinaker

    Love, love, love reading the tales of your Paris adventure. You guys are not coming back are you?!

  6. Megan

    So cool you guys are smack in front of the Dior tent!! Keep your eyes peeled in the city for Karl Lagerfeld- that would be one of my dream celebrity sightings 🙂

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