Haircut, please.

It had been almost three months since Holly cut my hair in Middleton the last week of July.  It was time.  As always, I was tempted to let it grow out, thinking about the fun of a new “look”.  But, as always, my impatience and inability to primp gets the better of me and off I go to get it cut off.

I’ve been in a bit of an indecisive mood lately so selecting a salon was a tedious and painful task.  You can do lots of searches on the internet but when your key words are “great haircut paris” you are going to get a lot of opinions and a lot of “Hey!  I spent 250 euros on a great cut in Paris!  What a splurge!”.  Since I could produce a very long list of other things I could do with 250 euros, that was not the direction I wanted to go.  Fortunately, most salons have their services and prices etched in glass in their window so you have a sense of what you are getting into before walking in the door.

There are salons everywhere and it doesn’t appear (unless you’re going to 250 euro route) that you need to make a reservation.  I found one that is a Paris chain, I think, and seemed to have reasonable prices with a mix of clientele.  Plus, it was always busy.  A good sign.

I figured I would get there soon after they opened this morning at 10.  With photos, printed pictures and translations in hand, I worked my way through this experience.  If you could watch my morning, these would be the thought bubbles you would see floating above me:

Walking to salon:  “Ai-je besoin d’un rendezvous.  Ai-je besoin d’un rendezvous.  Ai-je besoin d’un rendezvous.”

Checking in:  “Well, she took my coat and seated me in a stylist’s chair immediately.  This is going to be quick!”

Waiting for stylist:  “Let me attempt to read one of these magazines.  Hmm.  I will just look at the pictures.  Oh!  Brad Pitt!  I know him!”

Waiting for stylist:  “It’s really filling up in here.”

Waiting for stylist:  “Let me respond to some of these emails I haven’t replied to yet.”

Waiting for stylist:  “Have I purchased everything I need for Tom, Elizabeth and Julian’s birthdays?  How about Christmas?”

Waiting for stylist:  “Let me make a list of everything I want for Christmas.”

Waiting for stylist:  “Let me make a list of everything I need to do over the weekend.”

Waiting for stylist:  “Let me make a grocery list.”

Waiting for stylist:  “What else can I make a list of?”

Waiting for stylist:  “Hmm.  My hair seems to look just fine in the mirror.  Maybe I don’t need this haircut.”

Waiting for stylist:  “It’s been over an hour in this chair.  At what point do I get my coat out of the closet and leave?  Am I past this point?”

Waiting for stylist:  “I miss Holly.”

Stylist arrives and asks about what I want/need:  “Thank goodness I wrote down the translation for “too heavy/too thick”!”

Sitting after getting some color put on my roots.  Ends are still dry:  “Are they going to color the rest of my hair?  Seriously, what is happening here?”

After pointing to ends and getting confirmation that it will come after, I’m moved to the sink for more color and processing.  She has spoken a little English so I proceed to ask her if “apres” means after.  “Am I not saying it right?  Why is she looking at me that way?”  I ask her if apres-shampooing is conditioner.  “Oh.  Now she thinks I want to BUY conditioner.  Please stop bringing me different bottles of conditioner!  I don’t want to buy anything!”

Back in the chair for the cut:  “Thank goodness I brought photos and pictures of people I know I will look like when you’re done with me (Emma Watson, Winona Ryder, Michelle Williams).  Be my miracle worker!”

While hair is slowly drying:  “What color is my hair?  Is it red?  Don’t look in the mirror.  I can’t not look.  More red!  This cannot be good.”

While hair is being cut:  “Was she trained anywhere?  Why is she just cutting it straight across?  And why is she asking me how to cut it over my ears?  I can’t believe Barb and Lee are coming next week.  What are they going to say?!?”

About halfway through the cut:  “I’m never coming back.”

Almost done: “Okay, she fringed the bangs so they look okay.  At least I won’t be embarrassed at the school pick-up today.”

After drying and styling:  “Hmm.  Maybe I judged her too quickly.  I’m pleased.”

THREE HOURS LATER, heading out the door.  “Glad to have that checked off my list.  Not expensive.  Better pick up an apple tart to celebrate.”

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11 thoughts on “Haircut, please.

  1. Patti

    Cute. You look European.

  2. Mary

    Kel! It looks FABULOUS! And you should publish this. Seriously. It brought me right back to my days in France. You don’t know what the heck they were doing, why they take so long, the misunderstandings, etc. I love the humor you put into this! I remember being scared to death of the whole cultural difference. I was much younger, I guess. Have you read the A Year in Provence and other books? This reminds me of those…how things get done but not necessarily quickly. Totally different mindset there. Ah, such good life lessons…thanks for sharing and taking me back.

  3. Colleen Hartman

    Doc says he likes your hair cut! I said,” 3 hours!!!!!!” I got mine cut this week….45 minutes including styling. Now… if I could just get her to do it so it looks less”done” I even took pictures that I had Doc take of me one day when I was happy with what I had done myself. Makes no difference, when I come out I’m 2″ taller and have a “done” look instead of a casual look. All I need is a lavender lace dress and a large corsage and I would look like the grandmother or great grand mother of the bride! Whay is h air such a trial??? Yours does look cute in the pix so smile and pretend you had nothing else to do in that 3 hour time slot!

  4. Mary

    And what a cool photo…taken in the old mirror of your reflection.

  5. Linda

    Love your new look. I can’t tell if your hair is red on my computer screen. Whatever color they chose, it looks modern & beautiful on you. Have fun celebrating with Barb next week. I wait to hear more stories. Your salon adventure is a good one. Are you considering publishing any of your stories? You should.

  6. Karen Hoffmeier

    I love the hair and the picture. I would have been very nervous just waiting. You with your cute cut and Tom with us pointy shoes…..what do the kids think of their parents?

  7. Michelle

    LOVE the color Kelley! It looks beautiful!

  8. Your hair looks fantastic Kelley! Love the picture you took – and the story!

  9. Megan

    Ok, so I was a bit nervous for you-and your hair- while reading. Then, when I saw your photo, I was psyched for you and your hair! Fabulous color and cut! And I love your earrings and sweater- super chic, my friend. Enjoy your new ‘do!

  10. Lexie

    love your hair — you always look so cute 🙂 I also laughed out loud reading your thoughts…how fun and what an experience! It stresses me out to go somewhere new here at home, can’t imagine doing it in Paris!!!

  11. Beautiful! You look like a model!

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