And the survey says…

One of the things we find ourselves doing a lot is asking one another things like, “So, what do you miss the most?”  “What has been your favorite new food?”  Things like that.

It’s a rainy afternoon, Tom is working, we are packing and preparing for our trip to Rome tomorrow so just thought we would take a break and share some of these questions and answers with you!

What has been your favorite food?

Sarah – chocolate and banana crepe
Elizabeth – nutella and whipped cream crepe
Julian  – quiche and tomato tart (it’s a tie)
Kelley – quiche lorraine, croissants with jam & butter (I have a tie, too)
Tom – foie gras

If you could go to any one place in Middleton right now, where would you go?

Sarah – my best friend’s house
Elizabeth – my friends’ houses
Julian – my bed
Kelley – my family room with friends
Tom – The Old Fashioned/Mi Cocina

What is your favorite restaurant in Paris?

Sarah – Angelina’s
Elizabeth – Angelina’s AND Momo’s pizza
Julian -Momo’s pizza
Kelley – Mamie Gateaux (for lunch), Le Volant (for dinner)
Tom – Le Volant

What is your favorite thing about the apartment?

Sarah – so many French doors
Elizabeth – the brown chair
Julian – the bunk shelves
Kelley – tall windows and doors (lots of sunlight): feels open and bright, but cozy
Tom – location, location, location

What is your least favorite part about the apartment?

Sarah – not having my own room
Elizabeth – can’t play hide-and-seek or have a scavenger hunt
Julian – “MY CLOTHES ARE NOT DRY!” (bit of an inside joke)
Kelley – no clothes dryer
Tom – no clothes dryer, I want my good knives from Williams-Sonoma

What do you miss the most?

Sarah – my friends, speaking English
Elizabeth – hugging my Wisconsin friends and theatre
Julian – having all my Legos, my own room
Kelley – skim milk…and I guess my friends, too 🙂
Tom – friends

What has been the most fun thing you have done so far?

Sarah – shopping with friends
Elizabeth – hangin’ with friends
Julian – going up the Eiffel Tower
Kelley – the meringue class and park tours
Tom – speaking French

What is your favorite thing about school?

Sarah – having all my classes with my friends
Elizabeth – sentences
Julian – both of our teachers are really nice
Kelley – not going
Tom – not going

What is your least favorite thing about school?

Sarah – not knowing what the teachers are saying
Elizabeth – dictations and memorizing
Julian – math in French
Kelley – the kids learning French much faster than I am
Tom – I finished school along time ago

Biggest surprise?

Sarah – moving to a new place while here

Elizabeth – We have swimming in school

Julian – being so close to the Eiffel Tower

Kelley – eating as much bread as I want with no ill effect

Tom – finding it so easy to blend in

If you could travel anywhere in Europe this year, where would you go?

Sarah – an island in the Mediterranean
Elizabeth – Puglia, Italy
Julian – The Alps
Kelley – Cannes for the film festival
Tom – the French countryside & the Mediterranean

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2 thoughts on “And the survey says…

  1. Patti

    I enjoyed your responses. Elizabeth, I love nutella too. Just found a banana bread recipe with it in so I had an excuse to buy it. Enjoy Rome – another fabulous city.

  2. Karen Hoffmeier

    I enjoyed all of the questions and the answers. I wonder if everyone will be ready to head home in July or if it will be hard to leave the new friends.

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