I have found my medium

I think I have found my medium. If you haven’t noticed, I’ve added a twitter feed to the blog (look right)  ==>>

I simply do not have enough time to plan and write, but adding Twitter and instagram to the mix, I can take a picture, add a caption, hit a couple of button, and voila! it is posted.

I much prefer Twitter to Facebook, and gain and learn a lot more from Twitter than mainstream media. I had an Australian ask me this week “is this Petraeus thing really a big deal?” My reply: “Absolutely not, it’s just the media stirring things up in a slow media week”. I know I don’t care. To CNN, Fox, MSNBC, and the like, everything is a big deal. I’ll live my life, thank you, not one where someone is trying to get me worked up all the time.

Here’s a sample, with links (Sir Patrick Stewart and his brother – hilarious):



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One thought on “I have found my medium

  1. Rebecca

    I love twitter….just joined before election! Check out LOLGOP hilarious! I love twitter! Addicting……..

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