It’s Friday morning and Sarah’s at home.

Today begins compos, or compositions, for College and Lycée (middle and high school).  For the next week, all students will be taking examinations for their classes and Sarah begins this afternoon.  She is, therefore, home this morning…studying, cramming, reviewing, practicing.  Here is her schedule for the next few days:


12:45 – 14:30:  English Essay

14:40 – 17:10:  Math


13:40 – 14:30:  Science Lab

14:40 – 16:25:  French


10:30 – 12:00:  French History & Geography

12:55 – 15:00:  English Comprehension

15:10 – 17:10:  French

This is our first time for something like this.  We’ll see how it goes.  Sarah’s a great student and an even better test taker so I’m not concerned from that standpoint.  But it is all, except for English, in French.  And they take the same compos as the “regular” students so no special tests for the kids in Adaptation.

As to whether this is a better system than the one in the States…who knows.  It’s a different system and as we’ve said many times, this is why we came: to gain an understanding of and recognize that there are differences.  I hope the differences they are picking up this year (all work in cursive, all work in pen…usually fountain pen, memorization, dictation, debating, compos) all lead to more well-rounded students.

So, if you’d like to know what we’ll be doing this weekend, well, I believe there will be some studying involved.  As well as a Christmas Pageant, but that’s for another post.

Wish her luck!

Reviewing "To Kill a Mockingbird", the subject of today's English Essay.

Reviewing “To Kill a Mockingbird”, the subject of today’s English Essay.

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One thought on “It’s Friday morning and Sarah’s at home.

  1. Karen Hoffmeier

    I’ll be thinking of Sarah the next few days. As I write this I’ll bet she is on her way home in the dark. That looks like an interesting set of exams.

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