Nothin’ fancy…just celebrating 18 years.

18 years ago at this moment I was a newlywed and probably pulling Tom from dancing to cake cutting to greeting guests.  He still claims he never got a chance to eat that night.  The wedding and events surrounding were everything we had planned.  I remember when we were first engaged, we had heard the horror stories of planning a wedding; fights with each other, fights with the mothers, fights with the caterers, bakers, photographers.  We set out to enjoy the whole process determined, from the start, what was and was not important to us:  Cake?  Not important.  Yes, have a cake, but not a priority so no need to fret about it.  Music? Ultra important.  Pushed for the exact music we wanted for the ceremony from Michael W. Smith’s All is Well for the processional to our friend Andrew pounding out Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee on the organ for the recessional.  Our favorite musical component, Tom’s idea and a good one:  have each guest include their favorite love song on their R.S.V.P. card whether attending or not.  Result?  Reception & dance play list automatically compiled.  We had a great time running all over cities looking for tapes and CD’s of all these great songs and so enjoyed watching people dance to their favorite songs…from The Letterman, Joni Mitchell, Stevie Wonder and Linda Rondstadt to The Beatles, U2, Bryan Adams, Ray Charles and Henri Mancini.  Great night.  Great family.  Great friends.  And freaking cold weather.  But the snow was so beautiful.  Just as we had planned.

Fast forward 18 years:  three kids, two parents and one dog in a small flat in Paris.  Was this what we planned 18 years ago?  If anyone would have told us this is where we would be, would we have believed them?  Should I try to forecast 18 years into the future when Sarah will be 31 and Elizabeth and Julian 29?  I can’t even imagine what our lives will be like then!  As a planner, that’s a bit difficult for me to accept but I have gotten better at letting some of that go and enjoying the ride.  I learned that from Tom, along with several other things over the years.  I hope he’s picked up a few things from me, too (Like the fact that tiramisu is the name of a dessert not a flavor.  You can’t answer, “What type of tiramisu did you have?” with “Tiramisu”.  Seriously, these are the types of conversations we have.).

I would have a hard time summarizing our marriage but when we opened the anniversary card from my Mom & Dad this morning, it seemed to capture it quite nicely:

lucky husband…lovely wife…had a wedding…built a life…chased some dreams…caught a few…here’s to making more come true

Gotta love Hallmark.

So tonight we went to a very cozy tapas restaurant to celebrate our anniversary.  Great host at the restaurant and perfect atmosphere for this quiet, back-home-before-10 couple.  And the company was great.

We even ended the night with tiramisu.  Banana-Nutella flavored.




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11 thoughts on “Nothin’ fancy…just celebrating 18 years.

  1. Happy Anniversary guys!

  2. Midori

    Happy Anniversary! Wishing you a lifetime more! I’m sure this will be a memorable one for the books!

  3. Patti and Brian

    Happy Anniversary!

  4. Colleen Hartman

    Sounds like a lovely day for lovely people. It was a lovely but snowy wedding day then as well. Best wishes to both of you. Hugs

  5. Mary

    Tom should take you to Paris for your Anniversary! Oh wait, YOU’RE ALREADY THERE!!!
    All the best to you guys! I LOVE reading your stories!

  6. I love reading your posts. Also enjoyed Christmas cheer at. Our parents’ home last night.

  7. Make that your parents’ home!

  8. Karen Hoffmeier

    What can I say…..I love you both! Enjoy lives journey. I hate to say this but those “kids” will be 31 and 29 sometime. Treasure the years ahead!

  9. Linda

    Congratulations, Kelley & Tom!

    We just came home from the 6th grade band concert. Many of the same songs from previous years but it was still entertaining. Here is a quote for your anniversary from Song of Solomon 6:3 & 8:7, “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine.” I wish I could show you how it is written in my calligraphy book because the quote is drawn in a circle to represent the unending commitment of love. Happy day!

  10. Megan

    Congratulations, guys! Tapas in Paris- what a wonderful way to mark the special day.

  11. Jill Driscoll

    Happy anniversary! When we met, I thought you were an “old pro” at weddings/marriage (in hindsightm you’d been married for a nanosecond)! I’m sure we spent many lunch hours talking weddings. Who knew what the years ahead would bring!

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