Il y a un courrier pour vous

If you’ve figured out the translation, you know the heading says, “You’ve Got Mail”.  So before I get into that I need to insert an advertisement:

If you live in the Madison area and have not yet seen “She Loves Me” which is the musical the movie “You’ve Got Mail” is based on, you must run as fast as you can to get tickets.  It’s Four Seasons Theatre, one of our favorite companies in Madison, we know people in the show and behind the scenes, and the reviews have been nothing short of exceptional.  Stop reading!  Go!  Buy the tickets!  It’s almost sold out!

If you are still reading you are either not in the Madison area, have already seen the show or have no interest in musical theatre (but I will still be your friend).  In any case, my posting truly is about mail.  And we love mail!

Don’t you love the holidays when the mail box is filled with more than holiday ads, bills, and credit card applications?  Well, we don’t have a mail box.  Or a mail slot.  We have Eva, our Apartment Manager/Door Keeper/Concierge/Caretaker, who delivers our mail to our doormat OR, if it’s a package, rings the bell and hand delivers or places right inside our door.  And this week the bell has rung numerous times with special care packages.  Three packages from three different friends in Madison.  So humbling to have people that “care enough to send the very best”, so exciting to wonder what could be filling the package, and, in most cases, so delicious!  From a tin of homemade cookies to Swedish Fish to Jolly Ranchers and packs of gum to a bag of chocolate chips, our friends have filled our little home with goodies for the holidays.  And they have included other necessities, too:  Tom had swallowed an allergy pill from the Costco bottle that was in a package before the tape from the package hit the floor.  And I can now remove items from the oven with proper pot holders (seriously…can’t find them anywhere here).   Thanks to family and friends who have taken the time, effort and incurred a cost to deliver a slice of home to us over the past few months.  You can’t know what it means to each of us.

The holiday cards are also arriving and displayed on the wall in our front hallway.  It’s so wonderful to see all your faces and marvel at the creativity of your photos, poems and letters.  There is lots of talent out there!

My going-on-a-third-day head cold is pushing me to wrap this up and head to bed early.  But I will be nibbling on a Christmas cookie from the tin before the lights go out.

Sweet dreams.

IMG_6367 IMG_6374 IMG_6377 IMG_6379

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4 thoughts on “Il y a un courrier pour vous

  1. Karen Hoffmeier

    We too have been happy to have our doorbell ring on several occasions to find packages and to enjoy putting items under the Christmas tree. Sounds like a lot of fun for everyone. My head cold is in day two and I think I need to have a little nap! Always love the pictures.

  2. Linda

    Thanks for the photographs. They are priceless! I bet Eva deserves a little something from Santa too.

  3. Evan Fusco

    Doritos & Velveeta were what we missed most…

  4. Barry Hoffmeier

    Can you name the ‘original’ movie that I would say You’ve Got Mail is based on? You should find it and watch it sometime, but it is in black and white.

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