Destination: Bakery

Today was my first of what I hope to be many Destination: Bakery runs.  Doesn’t that make going for a run so much more exciting?!?!  The list of boulangeries I would like to try has been getting too long without many checkmarks.  I like to run in the morning.  Combine that with the fact that the only thing that’s usually open in Paris in the morning is a bakery…well, it was just meant to be.

Today’s mission:  Du Pain et des Idees (The Bread and the Ideas) written about in numerous periodicals such as Bon Appetit, with authors raving about their pain des amis, apple turnovers and pain chocolate banane.  That is my motivation.

It’s still a tad dark at 8:20 when I leave the kids at school, but the streets are busy and by the time I reach Les Invalides, the sky is the color of heliotrope. So pretty.  I felt badly for all the people hurrying (and honking) on their way to work.  Suckers.  According to Google Maps, the bakery is 7.8 km away, long enough for me to get in a good 5+ mile run.  I check the map on my phone a couple times as I get closer.  Then, viola!  I have arrived.  It was just as I imagined:  a warm and inviting store, a smiling mademoiselle, and beautifully woven trays of yummy goodness.  I take my wrapped purchase and sit at the wooden table outside to enjoy.  Look at the layers!  It’s like rings on a century-old tree; just too many to count.  And delicious.  There is a little glaze on the top that almost has an apple taste to it with the sugar just at that point right before it burns.  Yum.  I can taste chocolate and banana in every bite.  I love watching others through the window, enjoying what they select and then watching them hurry on their way.

Fortified by the banana (bananas are a mainstay for runners and even though it was surrounded by chocolate and butter, it still counts), I run a bit further east to check out a market I had read about.  And then I train it home, happy about my adventure.  If I had forgotten I was in Paris, the accordion musician playing “Those Were The Days” brought me back.  (It’s actually a Russian song but is played here quite often).

And that was my morning.  The idea of never working again is very, very appealing on days like today.

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5 thoughts on “Destination: Bakery

  1. Colleen Hartman

    Kelley, It is 8:39 AM as I read this. I have been up since a llittle after 8 ( a senior citizen bonus!) I have not had my breakfast! You have totally ruined the thought of eating dry toast, a clementine, oj and green tea! I love your theory about the banana. I’m not fond of bananas but I love your theory. I have always felt this way about pie for breakfast: it’s fruit and a sweet roll combined! Unfortunately there is no pie for breakfast here this AM! It’s a good thing you like to run. I would be unable to run if I lived in Paris… well age and titanium knees to start with, but the main problem would be that I would weigh 200lbs! You keep running girl! So it’s still a little dark at 8:20? That surprised me. I know you are farther north than Iowa, but it’s daylight here at that time.

  2. Karen Hoffmeier

    Every thing looks so delicious and your description makes me know I would enjoy every bite. What a wonderful goal to run to the bakery and then have the time to just sit and watch the people hurrying by. Enjoy every minute of your adventure. By the way, I had oatmeal for breakfast!

  3. I love most of your posts…but this is just pure evil torture!

  4. Midori

    I agree with the comment above! You just experienced my dream! Somehow, running to Clasen’s bakery just doesn’t have the same appeal. So jealous!

  5. Barb

    You’re killing us.

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