Destination: Bakery…and an added companion

I was not in the mood to run today.  Up until early this morning I was just planning to do some speed work along the Seine on my little island close by.  Just have been crabby the last 24 hours so was going to bag it.  That is until Tom said, “So, we’re heading to a bakery today?”  Props to him for remembering that I asked him if he wanted to join me and for getting me out the door.  So I quickly determined my route and packed my backpack.

Unfortunately for Tom, he waited until we had started before he asked where we were going and found out we were running 15km.  I can’t say he was thrilled but I do believe he was pleased with the end result, meaning the bakery AND the long run.

I really should be very happy I ran today because the weather is what I would term “ideal”; clear blue skies, no wind, and cold.  Umm, I think it’s about zero celsius right now so waivering around the freezing point.  I love it.  Your cheeks get tight and rosy, you have to bundle your fingers inside your mittens to keep them warm but you have lots of energy.  I could have kept running for a long time but we have visitors arriving tomorrow morning so there are other things that must be done today.

In any case, this morning found us heading to Ble Sucre which, literally translated, means ‘wheat sugar’.  Fabrice Le Bourdat’s madeleines are known to be the best in town.  If you look up madeleines, they are described as a type of sponge cake but unless they are fresh and made well, they taste more like a pound cake.  They have a unique shell-like shape and you can get molds to make your own (, of course!).  But if you think I’m going to be baking these while I am here in Paris, you’re crazy.

Apparently, what puts the madeleines at Ble Sucre over the top is not just their spongy-ness, but the fact that they are glazed.

Once again, I’m completely astounded that all these bakeries, so well-known and written about by the greatest of foodies, are so teeny.  I love that they are just so focused on being great at what they do there is no reason to expand to other locations or get a bigger place…they make good stuff and people find them.  I love it.

We found our madeleines, already in a package of four.  But because Ble Sucre is known to be good at lots of things and because it all looked so good and because I wasn’t sure if Tom was going to make it home without more fuel, we had to buy a pain au chocolat as well.  Before I even get to the madeleines, let’s talk about this croissant with chocolate inside.  It was the tallest, airiest croissant I’ve had.  The layers completely broke apart with every bit and you  had to lick your fingers in order to pick up every crumb that fell back on the paper.  We thought of buying more but knew it wouldn’t be as good later on.  Oh, we’ll be back for sure.

The madeleines.  I’m so happy.  I’m so happy there are still three more sitting right in front of me right now for me to look forward to.  As a mother, I could save ONE for the kids to share when they get home from school but I am not going to commit to anything because they just might be gone by then. The one Tom and I shared outside the bakery was spongy and light and moist and the citrus glaze was perfect.  Not too sweet and something that could hit the spot no matter what time of day you ate it.  I’m going to be testing that theory today, I believe.  Perhaps one for each load of laundry.

The run home was so pretty.  Notre Dame bathed in the sunrise and three madeleines tucked in my backpack.  I’m reaching for the package right now…

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2 thoughts on “Destination: Bakery…and an added companion

  1. Colleen Hartman

    Oh no, no breakfast and Kelley’s writing about another bakery. Shall I have toast or go hogwild and have Wheaties???? I must stop reading these blogs before eating, but I’m always so interested to hear about another Paris adventure. Wow, a whole year of new adventures everyday. Love hearing about the bakeries though. Thanks for the pictures. I like the food but especially like the scenic of Notre Dame and that oblisk of which I have several pictures from almost 5 years ago. Keep running and finding new places. Enjoy your guests. I have been thinking about them all morning. I think they must be in a layover in Chicago about now. I don’t remember the arrival time in Paris though. I would be so excited that I wouldn’t be able to sleep on the plane! Hugs


  2. Linda

    Yum! Your descriptions of the Parisian bakeries make me want to hop on a plane. Where were these bakeries when I was a poor college student walking through Paris. I bet some of them were definitely built before 1986, right? Glad to hear you are still enjoying every precious moment in Paris.

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