A visit from Mom, Dad and Mr. Snow

We woke up early Friday morning to discover that Mom and Dad’s flight was arriving one hour, 14 minutes EARLY!  Elizabeth made sure to wave on her way to school, knowing Grandma and Grandpa were flying overhead at just about that time.  Tom and I took a very crowded train (I mean I almost tried to lift my feet off the ground, knowing we were so packed in, I would have stayed “afloat”) to the airport and they were ready and waiting.  I had four fresh croissants to greet them and we took a leisurely (and empty) train home.  We knew the first two days would be easy going; that jet lag can kill you.  So we let them settle in, had a quiet lunch here and let them rest some more until it was time to pick up the kids.  It was a good reunion of grandparents and grandkids at the school; so fun to watch.  Elizabeth, as you can imagine, had a lot to share.  They had about an hour to show off many things until Sarah came home.  The evening was filled with a trip to the bakery, French lasagna, a few rounds of 6 Qui Prend, a galette de rois (Grandpa found the bean!) and, surprise!, a dusting of snow!  Mom and Dad were ready for bed pretty early so the other five of us, discovering that the dusting was actually accumulating, decided we all better take Chili for a walk.  So we enjoyed an evening of snow in Paris.  We were giddy which is pretty funny for a family from Wisconsin and especially since we were just in the Alps.  But there was something magical about it.

The magic ended this morning as we slipped through sloppy sidewalks around our neighborhood.  The snow, which added up to several inches, meant there were no soccer matches for Elizabeth or Julian.  Julian wanted to play while Grandma and Grandpa were here but maybe next weekend.  It did mean we had a free day so we took our time showing them our market, our grocery store and several clothing stores with a few side stops into a butcher and a kitchen store and peeks into a meringue shop window.

With more fresh bread (the baker thought Tom and I were crazy this morning when we wanted the entire “grande” loaf of bread), we made vegetarian sandwiches and the kids very much enjoyed the pickles (yes, pickles!) that Grandma brought all the way from Iowa.  This is not to mention all the other goodies she presented to us…Moravian Cookies and Peppermint Bark from Williams-Sonoma, gummy bears, DUOZ (for Tom), Little Debbie snacks, homemade peanut butter balls, cinnamon-coated cashews, glazed almonds, chocolate acai from Costco…even Legos.  Yeah, Grandma and Grandpa!

As many of you know, jet lag takes a toll.  So, while there was a snowball fight this afternoon, most of the day was spent dozing.  Nothing wrong with that.  I did some cooking and baking while people rested and did school projects.  Tried a new Chocolate Pot recipe that we’ll taste tomorrow, made a batch of cookies that we had with some ice cream and had two quiches for dinner tonight (more bread on the side, of course).

We are hoping the sloppiness has disappeared tomorrow, at least on the sidewalks.  Tom and I have a long run planned for the morning, after which we all head to church, then out for lunch and hoping for an afternoon of exploring.  Better hope tonight’s sleep curtails that jet lag.  We have lots of ground to cover this week…or not. 🙂  Really, it’s just good to be with family.

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3 thoughts on “A visit from Mom, Dad and Mr. Snow

  1. Mary

    Tom looks like he is “going down the stairs!”

  2. Colleen Hartman

    Looks like fun. I know you will have such a wonderful visit. The snow is pretty too. We’ve had very little and it would be nice to have some to thaw into our very dry ground. Pictures are great! Hugs

  3. Megan

    How beautiful to see the snow on the Paris scenery. Enjoy the time with your extended family!

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