Destination: An old favorite

It had been over two weeks since I laced up my shoes for a run.  It seems my tendons and joints don’t enjoy running in old shoes.  So I took a forced, but smart, break awaiting my new shoes from America.  They were going to be hand-delivered by my sister.  But when that trip didn’t pan out she kindly got those shoes in  the mail ASAP.  They were on our doormat when we arrived home from Barcelona and how excited I was with the zippy neon color!

I thought it best to take it easy the first time out so considered numerous locations close to home for a Saturday morning run.  What we landed on was our original market, only open on Wednesdays and Saturdays, and one I miss very much.  It’s just too far away to be our regular market.  Last fall we even asked our regular vendors if they sell at other markets.  But none of them come any closer to the city centre so that location is the best we can do.

It had been since before Christmas that Tom and I had run to the market which is about 7 km away.  Is it pure nostalgia that I love these croissants better than any other?  Is it that they are so far away that I build them up in my mind?  Or is the price tag that puts it over the top (only 80 cents?!  A steal!)?  Whatever the reason, we always leave with 10 croissants in our sac as well as a dozen of the best little beignets you can find.  We had HUGE beignets in Strasbourg that rivaled these but those were only out for Christmas.  And five hours away.

A seven kilometer run was all I wanted to put in my first time out so we took the Metro home (and had two less beignets upon arrival).  It didn’t take long for the beignets to disappear completely and the croissants were not very far behind.  See?  You don’t need a fancy boulangerie to find that buttery, flaky goodness that will bring a smile to your mouth.

It was the best way to start the day; a day that turned out to be our first one in the 60’s and one of the prettiest days we’ve seen in a long, long time.


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3 thoughts on “Destination: An old favorite

  1. Karen Hoffmeier

    Those look yummy. I think you are going to have a pastry/bread withdrawal when you return home. Glad you have your new shoes!

  2. Natalie Conte

    How are you going to decide which boulangerie I should run to when we finally get there??? we need to get Christian a beignet. I like the beach picture – Sarah told me she got really wet!

  3. Megan

    Loving the neon green laces! They look extra zippy.

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