T-minus 5

We have been talking about how Paris has made an imprint on our lives so we decided tonight we would put our imprint on Paris!

After a meal of tomato tartes, cantaloupe and cherries, and baguette cereale (a meal voted to be one of the last we have together here), we headed down the Seine for what turned out to be a 4-hour walk. Chili included.

As always, the Eiffel Tower provided a great background. As soon as we passed it, we decided to cross the Seine and head down the steps to be closer to the water. What a great surprise as that side has already been transformed for the summer…cafes, monkey bars, art sculptures, wooden-plank benches, painted mazes and hopscotch. One surprise addition was a grand wall of chalk. Our imprint won’t last long; it may be gone already! But it was fun to capture for that moment in time.

The pedestrian-only street scene (filled with tons of other runners, walkers, rollerbladers, bikers and dogs) went from near the Eiffel Tower to Musee D’Orsay which took us almost all the way to our original destination: the lock bridge just west of Pont Neuf where we had decided was the place for us to leave our family lock.

We picked out the spot, memorizing the details of the location and threw the keys in the river. Unless that bridge is destroyed by some natural disaster, our family lock is here for all of us to return and see. I wonder which one of us will be the first to get to see it again?

We proceeded further on our quest for a final Berthillon ice cream cone. We all have our absolute favorites now but some, like Tom, are still trying new flavors. He had both flavors of peche (peach) tonight, peach from a tree and peach from a vine. Yum! Julian stuck with his favorite sorbets, citron vert and poire (lime and pear). Elizabeth: chocolate and coffee. Sarah also went with the coffee and noix de coco (coconut). My combination included my favorite from this year, coconut, and the first flavor I ever had 11 years ago: chocolate blanc (white chocolate). And then we made our way ALL the way back home. Since it is light out until after 11, it certainly did not seem like 10:45 when we turned the last corner, but everyone feel into bed. We have abused our bodies these last few days, soaking in every minute we can of our time. Sleep will come on the plane. Until then, just try to keep up with us. You, also, may be ready for a nap by the time this week has ended!


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One thought on “T-minus 5

  1. Evan Fusco

    You’re making me sad to leave…and I’m not even there…but it feels like it. Lock these memories in.

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