T-minus 3

And then there were four.

Tom left this morning after a final walk with Chili and parting ways with the rest of us at the Metro near the school. His days will be filled with work and company stuff. We aren’t jealous. But we are sad and missed him at dinner tonight.

Our days are filled with school and shopping. Yes, it’s SOLDES, SOLDES, SOLDES time! (That’s SALES, SALES, SALES, in case you were wondering.) Just like I mentioned in January, there are only two times of the year when stores can legally have a sale and this is the second one. It started today and lasts until around July 9, I think. After dropping the kids off at school, four of us had a quick petit dejeuner and then split up, two going to Pilates and the other two of us heading to Le Bon Marche, the grand-daddy of department stores in Paris. My friend had mentioned how quiet Le Bon Marche actually is on the first day of sales and she was right; very little competition. As the days go on and the markdowns continue, it will get busier. After getting my vegetables for dinner, we picked up the kids (remember: Wednesdays = half days). Of course, they were interested in shopping, too! They proved to be much more successful and we spent two hours shopping in our neighborhood before we needed to get Elizabeth to her last soccer practice. There have been many good-byes throughout the days: people you know you will probably never see again and some you really hope you can stay in touch with. There is a wonderful family moving (back) to the U.K. after nine years here. Their oldest daughter is 13 and will start boarding school next year. They are good people. I hope our paths cross again some day.

And then I decided to pack. Did I mention something a few days ago about taking a nap and knowing I would regret it a few days later? Yeah, that’s pretty true. I’m looking around me and thinking, “When did everything multiple?” Thank goodness for those vacuum storage bags. I’m a believer!

So, this post is short and sweet because, quite frankly, I have a bit of a deadline I need to meet and the only two days I have left are pretty much booked solid. Chili and I will stick with this for, maybe, another hour. I think I’ll tackle shoes next…

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2 thoughts on “T-minus 3

  1. Linda

    Hi Kelley,

    Dig into your packing, and eat a croissant when you’re done. Everything will get done. Don’t worry about the small stuff. I’m looking forward to seeing more photos and hearing your stories. Bon Voyage.

  2. Karen Hoffmeier

    “Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened”. Dr. Seuss

    Thinking of you!

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