T-minus 1

Our last full day is drawing to a close. And it’s a good thing too.

Elizabeth’s glasses broke right before her class play this morning.
Chili has thrown up four times already today.
There is nothing left to put in a school lunch.

Our day was full and sad and wonderful. I was able to see Elizabeth and Julian perform in their class play. I cannot claim to have understood the whole thing, but I spent most of the time just admiring the new language skills and accents I was hearing from my children. Combine that with a bit of drama and we had a show! What a perfect end to the last day. There was a class breakfast in their room after and Mme Panzani showed us the video of their classe vert (their field trip) that the kids created.

I had a bit of time to get home and grab some groceries so there is something in the refrigerator for Tom and Sarah as well as Darin and Marietta when they arrive early Sunday morning. I think everything is packed and my fingers are crossed that bags are within the limit and Tom can fit everything else in when they come home.

The last day of school can be a bit emotional at any time. Elevate that a few levels for us and you can picture the 30 minutes we spent on the school sidewalk complete with laughs, hugs and tears. No one was immune. But it was sweet and tender and so pure in their emotions. It is a joy to see young people connect so well and so much that it hurts to be apart. Especially when there is no prediction of the when or the where of the future. That seems to be the most difficult part of all this. After school my three closest friends grabbed all the kids and we spent the entire evening chatting, cooking, drinking sangria, and chatting some more. They kids did all the things kids do on a Friday evening; all good kids and lots of fun.

When the clock rolled to 11, I knew the good-byes had to begin. And this time it was my turn to be sad. Four women pulled together through our common circumstance. Our feelings were summed up nicely at the table when someone said, “Time started flying by when we discovered each other”. It’s just another sign that we are not out in this world alone. I am 45 years old and I am still meeting people that are making an imprint. I guess that never ends and isn’t it wonderful?

One last Metro trip. One last look at the sparkly Eiffel Tower.

We are going to bed tonight knowing this adventure is ending. But we are taking with us so much more than the momentos packed in our bags.

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2 thoughts on “T-minus 1

  1. Evan Fusco

    “Time started flying when we discovered each other.”–Just brilliant!

  2. Evan Fusco

    Oh, and great header photo. I’ve meant to mention that you do a wonderful job on your photography…and I do not give out compliments on photography lightly…I’m a bit of a snob about that sort of thing, but you compose well, see light and composition well and frequently capture great moments that most people would miss or never notice at all.

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