Croissant Count

I think this will be my favorite treat…for breakfast, lunch, late-night snack.  I’m wondering if I can keep track of how many I will eat in one year.  Can I count that high?

1 1/3 (I had to eat the rest of Elizabeth’s.  She was FULL!)

2 1/3 (1/2 croissant, 1/2 pain au chocolat, which I will count as a croissant because, really, it is)

3 1/3 (this time with fresh butter from the market.  Tres bien!)

4 1/3 (for dinner with butter and JAM!)

5 1/3 (and none left in the house., closest baker on holiday for two weeks, will wait until Wednesday’s market for more)

6 (had to get myself back to an even number via a 1/2 croissant and a sliver of the girls’ pain au chocolat)

7 (this one was from the grocery store but still just as yummy when warmed up with gooey chocolate inside)

8 (straight from the market, along with fresh eggs fried crispy, a hard cheese and strawberries.  This was after the tart I had to eat on the way home from the market)

9 (homemade ham & cheese; not as good as butter & jam)

10 (double digits, baby!)

11 1/2 (raisin croissant for breakfast…just okay…1/2 croissant sandwich for a picnic dinner)

12 1/2 (average .81 croissants/day)

15 (the average just went up)

16 (fresh from the market are a billion times better than from the store)

17 (wish the market was open today.  Almost out of butter.)

18 (this is going to start to be really boring for you all to read…

19 (watched Sarah scarf down her fresh-from-the-market croissant in about three bites)


21 (I love the portability of this pastry!)

23 (yes, two in one meal)

24 (I’ve stopped using a knife…just tear ’em open and slather them with butter and jam!)

25 (lucky I called one of the croissants this morning or the kids would have gobbled them all up; they are hot commodities around here.)

26 (munching on chocolate croissant while watching soccer practice)

27 (my goodness, these are seriously good)

31 (too. many. croissants.  can’t. stop. eating. them.)

33 (we were sans croissants for the past few days during the move.  But they’re back, baby!)

35 (Tom is away in London.  I’m alone with my croissants.)

36 (I’m not sure if you can officially call a Square de almande a croissant, but YUM, YUM, YUM)

37 (good ol’ butter and jam)

38, 39, (chocolat)

40 (had to run back to our favorite baker for our favorite croissants this morning…added a dozen sugar beignets to the bag, too!)

41, 42, 43, 44 (sandwich…jam and butter…chocolat…jam and butter)

45 (reheated chocolate.  Better than none at all, I guess.)

46 (plain and straight from the bakery.  So flaky.  Yum.)

47, 48 (late night chocolate.  Nothing like fresh but a good late night snack.)

49 (with almonds while shopping.  Yummy!)

What is happening to my croissant count!?!?!  My numbers haven’t jumped in awhile.  You know what?  I’ve become picky.  I really like my croissants big and fresh.  That, perhaps, doesn’t read right! 🙂  So I won’t buy just any croissant.  And now that we are full into a routine, I don’t get fresh croissants before everyone heads to school.  So, I’m having lots of fresh toast with jam instead.  Don’t worry!  I am still doing my part with baked goods!  Baguettes almost every night for dinner!  Love breaking off a hunk of bread…crunchy on the outside, moist on the inside.  Heaven.

Well, I have had two almond croissants in the last week (triangle aux amandes) so perhaps my numbers will start going up again.  I think next week I might have to take a nice long run back to my favorite bakery on Saturday morning.  I do miss the buttery goodness.  Baked goods de jour?  Cakes!  I took my new apple cake recipe and have modified it into a simple vanilla cake, a vanilla cake with homemade chocolate frosting, a cinnamon cake and a banana-dark chocolate chunk cake.  Ready to cut a big slice tonight before bed.  Still wish I had some skim milk on the side.  Bummer.

How sad am I that I haven’t kept this up.  The question is, where do I start now?  I can’t start over,  I suppose I could determine an estimate of croissants and start fresh for 2013.  Decided!  Okay, so I’ve probably eaten about eight chocolate croissants in the last six weeks…only two runs to our favorite market which is the only place we buy our regular croissants so that means about three of those each time so six more.  I think that’s probably it plus the two almond croissants I mentioned above.  So I’m going to add 16 to my count and start again at 65.  Fingers crossed I can keep up this time…

66 – went for a run Saturday morning to our favorite market and enjoyed a fresh croissant again!

67 – croissant sandwich for lunch!

69 – back from Switzerland and taking the count to task!  Had an almond/chocolate croissant at mid-point of a run this morning and a market-fresh croissant for lunch.

70 – breakfast.  New jar of raspberry jam.

71 – Dinner croissant.  And now the weekend croissants are gone.  Boo.

72 – Destination croissant…

73 – packaged croissant.  Not good.

74 – Big and fat. The croissant, not me!

75 – A buttery croissant on the train with Mom & Dad after picking them up from the airport.

76 – A most delicious pain au chocolat amande from a market with Mom & Dad.

76 3/4 – 1/4 – pain au chocolat, 1/4 pain au pomme, 1/4 pain au chocolat (yes, we were sharing)

78 – I’m not sure how to count these, but it was 2 mini croissants at Angelina’s so I’ll bring it up to an even number.

79 – treat with Tom at the market.  Those surprise croissant moments are the best!

80, 81 – two chocolate croissants

82 – croissant with peanut butter…that’s new!  But we just did a long run so needed the protein!

83 – made into a veggie sandwich and carried to book club for lunch!

84 – a chocolate croissant right before lunch.  What was I thinking??

85,6,7 – I know I had at least three last week in the morning.

88, 89 – fresh from the market!

Once again, a painfully long lull and, unfortunately, I just don’t know where to pick it up.  I’m going to give myself…20 even though I think that might be a bit conservative.  So let’s count this line as 109.  That makes this morning’s croissant…

110!  I’ve learned the trick of how to keep those croissants fresh tasting well after bringing them home.  Based on that knowledge, expect my numbers to grow for as we head into the home stretch.




15 thoughts on “Croissant Count

  1. miles boswell

    You should try a croissant with an omlet in the middle. Like an omlet-croissant sandwich.

  2. Karen Hoffmeier

    Will you also be charting your weight as you chart the croissants? Just a thought!

  3. Corinne

    Kelley – I can see a descent toward coffee here. I mean, really, if you’re going to eat all of those croissants jump in with two feet and savor a cafe au lait or two too.

    • Kelley

      Corinne, I love the IDEA of a latte or cafe au lait. Tom’s coffee does smell good in the morning! I’ll keep you informed…

  4. Barb

    Save a few pains au chocolat for Lee.

  5. Megan

    Ok, so I feel I must express concern in your count. I ‘m not sure you’re fully embracing this whole croissant tally concept- your count seems low and conservative. I want to see some serious double digits soon!! You are representing our whole team over there- stay strong!!

    • Kelley

      Megan, I believe you have inspired me to “kick it up a notch”. I’ll see what I can do…

  6. Megan

    Well done, Kelly! I’m liking those numbers 🙂 btw, i thought of you today when I had a croissant!! Enjoy the last few days of summer pre-school start!

  7. Christian Conte

    Great Job!
    I know you guys can have more!
    They are Croissants!!!!!
    Excited for the kids to start school!

    Christian Conte

  8. Megan

    Woohoo! Good counts 😊

  9. Karen Hoffmeier

    The cakes sound wonderful. Maybe your can start a little side business of baking cakes when you return to the states!

  10. Corinne

    Glad to read that the croissant count will begin again in the New Year!

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